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We design and publish fantastical, open-information games with limited random-chance elements to tell evocative stories. Here's a selection of the games we're currently developing...

Chroma Arcana

Chroma Arcana is our first ever release! Obliterate your rivals in this duelling card game, set in a fantasy world. It was successfully funded on Kickstarter in March 2024!
Designed by: Mo

Devour the Heart!

Devour the Heart is our territory-control, worker placement game set in same world as Chroma Arcana. Play as one of the evil factions as they try to conquer the continent!
Designed by: Mo

Early Development


Dynasty is a wuxia skirmish game, set in the cyberpunk city of Yangtze. It's designed to act as a bridge between Wargamers and board gamers.
Designed by: Mo & Jordan


Exodus is a campaign card game spanning epochs. Set in the far-distant future, play as an AI trying to ensure the survival of the species aboard the generational colony ship, Exodus.
Designed by: Mo & Alice

Secret Project

Shh! This is our secret project! A sci-fi combat game set in the far future, involving roguelike elements and a persistent campaign world.
Designed by: Mo


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Meet the Team

Roc Nest Games is an independent board games publisher/design team based in London, UK.We are passionate about all manner of games (be they board, video, or otherwise), and are strong advocates of diversity. We hope that one day our games can be enjoyed by everyone in the world!

Core Team

Mo invented his first game at the tender age of 7, and has always had the desire to create new, fun, and innovative systems.He started working on Chroma Arcana in early '21, and has now finally taken the plunge into trying to get his work out to the world.

Alice spends most of her life trying to wrangle Mo. She helps him design games and provides critical feedback where needed.At present, she is the World Champion of Chroma Arcana, and is currently working on Exodus.

Guest Designers

Jordan is an avid boardgamer, tabletop roleplayer, and wargame tactician. He is currently a software developer.He divides his free time between playing competitive Pokemon tournaments and co-designing Dynasty.

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